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The ultimate combat simulation, brought to you by the creators of ArmA: Cold War Assault™. A brand new engine and a fresh, contemporary scenario blend with total realism. ArmA: Gold combines ArmA: Armed Assault and the add-on campaign ArmA: Queen’s Gambit in one stunning experience!

ArmA: Armed Assault

A small US Army contingent has been sent to the island of Sahrani to train the army of the local pro-American monarchy. But the Democratic Republic of Sahrani sees the training of Southern troops as a threat. When the US troops have finished their deployment and are in the process of shipping out, the North prepares to strike.

  • Extensive infantry arsenal: master any of 30 available weapons
  • Drive and pilot 30 modern military vehicles
  • Dynamic 400km2 battleground
  • Large-scale multiplayer battles and numerous online modes
  • Create your own single and multiplayer scenarios with the powerful inbuilt mission editor

ArmA: Queen’s Gambit

Discover the fate of Sahrani island along with secret operation missions and multiplayer mayhem within new environment especially designed for massive battles.

  • The Rahmadi Conflict contains 3 large missions involving massive battles
  • Fight as a group of seasoned mercenaries in 7 action & stealth missions in Royal Flush
  • New vehicles: DC-3, A-10 and Su-34 aeroplanes; HMMWV limousine car; MG-mounted pickups; motorbikes
  • 8 new weapons: grenade launcher, rifles and sniper rifles


Format Windows PC
Manufacturer Mastertronic Ltd
Release Date 1 Mar 2013
Age Rating Age 16+
Genre Shooter
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