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In Cakemania, Jill has returned from culinary school only to find her beloved grandparents` bakery closed down. Business has taken a drastic downturn because a new Mega-Mart store opened in the neighbourhood. Help Jill upgrade her kitchen with state-of-the-art baking tools while serving her increasingly difficult customers so she can ultimately earn enough money to re-open her grandparents` shop! Game Features

  • Wait for customer requests, bake and decorate cakes, then hand them out and collect your cash
  • Serve up bakery delights to customers and see if you have what it takes to save the Evans' Bakery
  • Includes the entire original online Cake Mania plus the full Back to the Bakery expansion pack!
  • Cakemania is made by the same people as Cooking Mama


Format Nintendo DS
Manufacturer Eidos Interactive
Release Date 21 Sep 2007
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