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Once upon a time... Dragons and people lived together in peace and harmony. However, the humans discovered that the Dragons were guardians of magnificent treasures which held the secret to all their powers. So they attacked the Dragons and tried to steal their treasure and the most beautiful gems in the world. Weakened by the war the Dragons Kingdom divided and a battle between the Nobel and Fallen Dragons ensued. And with all the gems divided, the Fallen Dragons have grasped the opportunity to take over! As one of the last Noble Dragon descendants, it's up to you to recover the 100 hidden gems and reunite the Dragons Kingdom! So choose your Dragon and Fight!

Game Features

  • Four specific abilities: Fire, ice, air, earth
  • Select your favorite dragon among one of the 4 families
  • Explore and conquer four specific lands ruled by the four elements
  • Use the full range of your dragon’s special abilities
  • Find mysterious treasures (lost magic gems) that will make your dragon more powerful
  • Reunite the Kingdom from evilness’ "black” influence
  • Fight against the baleful Dragons that seized the gems and jeopardize the Kingdom peacefulness


Format Nintendo DS
Manufacturer Ubisoft
Release Date 2 Oct 2009
Age Rating Age 7+
Genre Action/Adventure
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