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In the sequel to the best-selling Cooking Mama, come back to the kitchen and bring your friends for dinner. With new recipes, new methods and new controls, you'll be cooking up a storm in no time!

Mama and friends have a whole new look in Cooking Mama: World Kitchen, given the game's upgrade to full 3D graphics. By utilizing the Wii Remote as a universal kitchen utensil, you can simulate actual cooking by chopping, grating, slicing, stirring and rolling your way through all new recipes that range from parfait to shrimp au gratin. Best of all, kitchen mistakes during meal preparation result in comedic mini-game surprises; for example, if you flip a burger too high, you can control Mama as she rushes in to save the day by catching it in her apron. Finally, a new game play mechanic integrates traditional Wii Remote utensil play with additional rhythm and motion that makes cooking easier and more enjoyable.

Share the cooking experience with Mama and all of her friends since everyone can now prepare meals in Mama's kitchen. Mama's friends will evaluate your meal once it's made Comedic mini-games (i.e. flip a burger up in the air and Mama's dog will run in and snatch it away; toss a pancake and control Mama as she runs in to save it with an apron catch) Save these surprise animations in an album you can review after gameplay Real-time effects make you feel like you're actually cooking. Adjust your timing and make decisions about your next course of action based on what you see on screen (i.e. if food is starting to look burned, quickly remove it from the burner, etc.). Earn bronze, silver, and gold medals from Mama in Let's Cook mode based on the quality of your cooking.

Game Features:

  • Full 3D animation for the first time
  • New two-player mode - challenge your friends to a cook-off!
  • Over 50 recipes to learn and cook
  • Control Mama in new minigames and fix the meal yourself!


Format Nintendo Wii
Manufacturer 505 Games
Release Date 6 Feb 2009
Age Rating Age 3+
Genre Activity
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