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Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies (DS)

Nintendo DS

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You will begin your Dragon Quest journey as an angel in the kingdom of Angels. You and your fellow angels are seeking to move into the God's Land, by helping and protecting your mortal town and earning the thanks of the villagers which intern will earn you ‘Sta Auras’ which are the key the God’s Land. But this is not to be as the kingdom of angels is attacked from below by a mysterious and powerful force. The force scatters the angels, and knocks your character into the mortal world, where you awaken without wings or a halo in the town you formerly protected. Having lost most of your angel powers, but the ability to see deceased and magical spirits, you must travel the mortal world to find a way back to the kingdom of angels.

You must help and protect the villagers to gain ‘Star Auras’ that will enable you to return to the kingdom of angels. You will need to immerse yourself in the role of the Angel and even customise your character before you begin to play, you will need to ensure that you are interacting with everyone and defeating enemies to gain the knowledge and ability to get back to your kingdom. Your will embark on an epic adventure protecting your mortal town participating in turn based battles against evil enemies notably the slimes.

Game Features

Each character will will have 12 attributes which will influence your efficiency to battle:

  • Power, Speed, Defence, Dexterity, Charm, Recovery magic, Attack Magic, Max HP (Hit Points), Max MP (magic points), Attack strength, Defence strength and stylishness
  • Dragon Quest IX will offer single player as well as 4 player co-operative multiplayer you can link with fiends to help one player in there game, battle alongside friends or help them progress. In addition to 4 player mode you can also enjoy ‘contact mode’ set you game and Nintendo DS system in local wireless communications and if you meet another player with the same setting you can share information, enter their world.
  • Weekly downloadable content via the Nintendo WiFi connection will allow you to every week download new content including quests which will reward you with new items and equipment as well as special events


Format Nintendo DS
Manufacturer Nintendo
Release Date 23 Jul 2010
Age Rating Age 12+
Genre Action/Adventure
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