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EyeToy: Groove is simplicity itself. Players stand in front of the EyeToy and TV, and move in time with the on-screen indications. Keep up with the beat and success is guaranteed; dance sloppily and it's Game Over. There's a total of 26 tracks to dance along with--including hits from Junior Senior, Madonna, Fatboy Slim and Elvis. Suffice it to say that Groove was given that name for a very good reason.

It's also possible to boogie on down with friends. At certain points, players must dance in sync on-screen together, while at other times players must alternately jump in and out of the spotlight. With a few friends and the necessary equipment,


is a sure-fire hit. It can be pretty embarrassing, especially during some of the cheesier tracks (such as "Hooray Hooray It's A Cheeky Holiday"), but there's no denying the fun and all-round grooviness to be found on this disc.

Game Features

  • Appear live on your own TV
  • The groovier the dancing, the higher the score
  • Dance to Madonna, Mis-Teeq, Sister Sledge, Jackson 5 and more
  • Calorie counter mode
  • Single- and multi-player modes

Requires EyeToy USB camera - Not Included


Format PlayStation 2
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Condition New
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