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Wario and his zany friends are back in Game & Wario

Wario and the Diamond City gang are back in Game & Wario, a colourful collection of 16 crazy games that show off the versatility and unique capabilities of the Wii U console. Using only the Wii U GamePad, up to five players can take turns competing in games filled with the eccentric spirit of the WarioWare series.

In single player, there are 12 games to enjoy that turn your GamePad into a variety of different objects for different gameplay challenges: use it as a camera, a bow that loses arrows into the TV image, or as a method to steer a skier to the disco, amongst others! The game utilises the unique setup of the Wii U GamePad controller and the TV screen in innovative and exciting ways for a Wario experience like no other that will keep you coming back for more!

Key features of Game & Wario

In single player, there are 12 games to enjoy that turn your GamePad into a variety of different objects for different gameplay challenges.

In Camera, you're tasked with snapping photos of escaped criminals with your GamePad! The TV shows a busy street in Diamond City, and holding up the GamePad allows you to take a closer look at the scene. Frame those crooks perfectly in your photos to catch them and earn a high score!

In Gamer, take on the role of 9-Volt, a kid who's been sent to bed with his favourite handheld gaming system, but is desperate to get a high score. However, his mum is trying to catch him in the act of staying up past his bedtime. While playing on the GamePad, you'll need to keep an eye on the TV screen to pretend to be fast asleep whenever his mum pounces!

Using only the GamePad, you can share the fun with friends or family in four different games in the multiplayer mode!

In Fruit, up to five players play together in different roles: one player becomes a fruit thief using the GamePad to work in secret, as the others play agents and watch the TV screen to spot when the fruits disappear – made harder with bustling streets, passing traffic, and smoky chimneys obscuring the view. At the end of the game, each of the agents pass around the GamePad to point out who they think is the thief; but only the most eagle-eyed may win as the lineup of would-be fruit thieves look rather similar!

You can also try your luck with Chick-n-Win, the chicken-shaped contraption that lays surprise-filled capsules, and get one of over 200 weird and wonderful toys to play with, each one showcasing something fun or eccentric you can do with your GamePad.


Format Nintendo Wii U
Manufacturer Nintendo
Release Date 28 Jun 2013
Age Rating Age 7+
Genre Platform
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