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Gears of War 2: The Complete Collection - Classics (Xbox 360)

Xbox 360

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The Locust Horde is back and only you and your squad of elite soldiers stand between them and the death of every human being on the planet Sera. In Gears of War 2, entire cities are being destroyed in single attacks, and you must take the fight to the Locusts by battling them in their own underground lairs.

The bestselling third-person shooter is back: bigger, better, and gorier than ever before. But you can't just blast your way through it--this game requires far more tactics and cunning than your usual mindless shooter. A refined cover system means you can use the enemy as "meat shields" as well as hide behind the fully destructible scenery.

The graphics are looking better than ever, and the game is purposefully more bloody and violent than before. The story and characterisation has also been improved, making Gears of War 2 with brains as well as brawn.

Game Features

  • Brothers in arms: Have a friend join or leave your single player game whenever you want, and even battle together on different difficultly levels.
  • Evolving enemies: You finally get a chance to take down the giant Brumak enemies, as well as even larger monsters and new creatures, such as the explosive Ticker.
  • Practise makes perfect: Practice the multiplayer mode on your own with computer controlled “bots”--then use the new matchmaking system to find a real opponent of the same skill level.
  • Chainsaw massacre: If you loved the chainsaw bayonet in the original game, you now can duel computer or human opponents with gaming’s messiest weapon attachment.
  • Hordes of options: Try the new five-player Horde mode, where you all face off against an unending wave of enemies, or any of the seven other multiplayer modes.


Format Xbox 360
Manufacturer Microsoft
Release Date 7 Nov 2008
Age Rating Age 18+
Genre Shooter
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