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God of War: Chains of Olympus - Platinum Edition (PSP)

PlayStation Portable

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In God Of War, Kratos, after being deceived into killing his wife and daughter, denounced his service to Ares. In order to seek absolution from his past sins, the Ghost of Sparta pledged himself as a champion to the Gods for the years to follow - these brutal crusades, in the name of Olympus, became legendary throughout the ancient world. In God of War: Chains Of Olympus, Kratos will journey to lands that no mortal has ever walked upon. With the world plunged into eternal darkness and the Gods rendered powerless, Kratos will face the most feared creatures of Greek Mythology, and ultimately be forced to choose between his own personal redemption and saving the ancient world from certain destruction. Game Features  

  • Epic Gameplay on the PSP system - Keeping true to the God Of War series, experience dramatic camera angles and epic set pieces, offering a never before seen experience on the PSP system.
  • Mythological Odyssey - This story is set in a time before the events of God Of War, where players will experience Kratos' journey during the 10 years of servitude to the Gods of Olympus.
  • All-New Combat Moves - Players can utilise new brutal combat moves along with their favourite combo attacks from the God Of War series.
  • Exploration - From the Gates of Hades to the Depths of Tartarus, the journey will take players through the dark and brutal world of Greek Mythology. Face-off against all-new creatures from Greek Mythology and engage in epic boss battles.
  • Puzzle Solving - As players explore the ancient world, prepare to navigate through a labyrinth of challenging puzzles inter-woven into the story.



Format PlayStation Portable
Manufacturer Sony
Release Date 17 Oct 2008
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