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Indiana Jones & the Staff of Kings (Wii)

Nintendo Wii

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The man with the hat is back in Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, and in the world of video games at least, he's never looked better. With the world on the brink of World War II, Indy is on the trail of the mythical Staff of Moses - desperate to stop it falling into the hands of new nemesis Magnus Voller.

Intent on replicating all the action, intrigue and humour of the movies, Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings features everything from a fight atop an out of control San Francisco tram to a chase on the back of an elephant and a flight sequence in a biplane.

The core of the game though is exploration and fist fights, with Indy able to use his whip for both - activated by a satisfying flick of the Wii remote. Indy can also pick up and use anything that's nearby, as you crack Nazi heads with everything from shovels to giant gongs. Just don't get him too close to any snakes!

Game Features

  • Whip crack away: Intuitive motion controls give you full control of Indy's world, including his signature whip and unorthodox combat style.
  • Globetrotter: Fully interactive environments are filled with clever puzzles and useful tools, as you explore everywhere from the Sudan to Panama, Istanbul and Nepal.
  • Twisted Metal: Take control of boats, biplanes and tanks in the story mode and then unlock a four-player vehicle-based multiplayer mode to play with your friends.
  • Doctor Joneses: As well as the single player story there's also a whole extra co-operative mode to play with a friend, with one person as Indy and the other as his dad.


Format Nintendo Wii
Manufacturer Activision
Release Date 12 Jun 2009
Age Rating Age 16+
Genre Action/Adventure
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