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Monkey Mischief is the furriest and craziest party-style game you will ever play! When the lights go out at the zoo, complete mayhem ensues! From escaping their cages, to performing crazy stunts and tricks on other zoo animals, you will travel across the zoo, competing against your friends in comical minigames to cause the most mischief!

Game Features

  • Four outrageous monkey characters to choose from - cause as much mayhem as possible!
  • Advance through single-player Story Mode to unlock new minigames to be played in multiplayer
  • Four-player multiplayer for non-stop action


  • Monkey Dodgeball - Knock your opponents down to the ground, and you will win this round after round!
  • Monkey Memory - Follow the ball is how this game goes - where it ends up, nobody knows!
  • Flying Fiesta - Eat and into the air you will soar, collecting goodies on the way to the floor!
  • Salmon Slap - Slap your enemies with a really big fish, and you may just get your winning wish!
  • Monkey Masterpiece - Trace the shape that appears on the screen, do it well or your monkey will scream!
  • Rhino Rampage - Every last ounce of your strength you will need, to run from the Rhino - who is gaining speed!
  • Math Wiz - Be the first to answer what's written in chalk, and treat your friends to a nice little shock!
  • Flying Monkeys - Give the rubber band a big stretch, fly like a bird and items you'll catch!
  • Hurling Hippo Divas - throw the hippo with all your might, and hope that is has a really good flight!
  • Monkey Dropping - Pop the other balloons if you dare, but don't hit your own - stay in the air!


Format Nintendo Wii
Manufacturer Activision
Release Date 13 Feb 2009
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