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What better way could there be for youngsters to discover the world of the Sims than via an RPG-style adventure game? My Sims Agents on the DS offers the ideal introduction to the Sims universe – a place loved and frequented by millions of gamers. While primarily a game involving secret agent-style solving of mysteries, it also involves gamers in environmental, architectural and interior design, three of the elements which made The Sims games such a success.

One of the first things that strikes you about My Sims Agents is how customisable it is. It starts off with you being cast as an agent in the SPA (Sims Protection Agency), assigned to a town: although it’s called Autumn Bay, you can rename it, and you decide what your name is. Assigned an assistant, Joshua, you find the Mayor at the Town Hall, who gives you your first case – the mysterious Thief V is on the trail of a map leading to secret treasure, and it’s up to you to get to it first.

Game Features

  • Solve the Mystery – Follow the trail of the master thief and thwart his plans every step of the way.
  • Customization of Town – Customize the look of the town to solve puzzles on your adventure and to make it your own.
  • Build Relationships – Talk and learn about the MySims so that you can gain their trust, collect clues, and get valuable items.
  • Mini Games – Play 10 mini games that will sharpen your skills as an agent and lead you closer to solving each case.

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Format Nintendo DS
Manufacturer Electronic Arts
Release Date 27 Jul 2012
Age Rating Age 3+
Genre Activity
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