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Reward Points FAQs

Reward Points is The Game Collection's loyalty scheme which allows Buyers to earn points when they make purchases through the website (the "Website") and to redeem these against future purchases.

What are Reward Points?

Reward Points is our brand new loyalty programme, offering customers the chance to earn Reward Points as you shop on our website. These Reward Points can then be used against purchases to pay for them in full or part from across the entire site.

How do I earn Reward Points?

After you have created an account on our website, each time you shop on our website, you will earn Reward Points on your purchases. You will earn 10 Reward Points for every full £1 spent. Please note guests do not earn ANY Reward Points.

What is a Reward Point worth?

100 Reward Points are then worth 25p to spend on products across the website.

How Do I spend Reward Points?

Your current Reward Points balance will be visible on the checkout pages and within your account and can be selected as a payment option. Reward Points can be spent in increments of 100, worth 25p discount for each 100 Reward Points spent. It will be possible to pay for all or a part of any purchase using Reward Points.

Do Reward Points expire?

Reward Points expire 365 days after your last purchase on the The Game Collection website. Every time you buy a product the expiry date is renewed and all of your Reward Points are valid for another 365 days.

I returned an order, what happens to my Reward Points?

Reward Points will be deducted from your account when the product is returned to The Game Collection. If the payment was made using your Reward Points, then your Reward Points will be refunded.

My order was cancelled, what happens to my Reward Points?

If your order is cancelled, Reward Points cannot be earned on that order. You will also be refunded any Reward Points that you spent on the purchase.

Do I earn Reward Points on pre-orders?

You will earn Reward Points on pre-order purchases.

Why are my Reward Points pending for so long?

Reward Points are ‘approved’ and credited to your account when payment is taken for your order. Payment is only taken when your order is ready for despatch. For example, if you have pre-ordered a product, payment will not be taken until the date the product is available for despatch. Once you have been charged for the product you will earn the Reward Points.

Where can I find how many Reward Points I have?

You can view your Reward Points balance on the My Points and Rewards Summary Page within your Account Page.

Reward Points aren't showing up on my Reward Points statement?

Reward Points earned are all shown on your Reward Points Summary within your Account Page. Please note that our Reward Points are only for personal and consumer use. It is not open for participation by any business or for any business transaction purpose and The Game Collection hereby reserves the right to not issue (or cancel) reward points where it has a reasonable belief that a transaction is for a business purpose. If have any queries about your Rewards Point balance, please email our customer services team on

Where can I spend my Reward Points?

Reward Points can be spent on all products within The Game Collection website.

How do I sign up for Reward Points?

Once you have created an account on The Game Collection website, you will be able to start purchasing products and earning and spending Reward Points. Guests are unable to earn or spend Reward Points.

Can I use Reward Points and other payment methods at the same time?

Yes, Reward Points can be used simultaneously with credit card payments or PayPal.

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