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In search of a missing girl, our hero stumbles upon the frontier town of Trampoli. Here he finds the object of his search but his task doesnt end there. In the mysterious town inhabited by spirits called Runeys and shadowed by a gigantic whale island, he must start life anew.

In this idyllic setting our hero can pursue various trades (farming, forging, crafting, cooking, etc.), explore the town and the floating island above, or seek out adventure in the dungeons. Over time the town will grow, as do the number of inhabitants. Shopkeepers, farmers, tavern masters and craftsmen; all are ready to be our heros friends, enemies and maybe more. However, trouble in the sky above soon interrupts our heros new life. What is this ominous power that threatens such a peaceful town? How will he protect his friends, his love and the village that has become his home?

  • Life-like interactions pursuing relationships with NPC characters may lead to friendship, love or even marriage
  • Dynamic ecosystem cultivate and harvest crops on the fields strewn throughout the game
  • Growing crops attracts Runeys (spirits) which live symbiotically with fertile land
  • Varied dungeons are secreted about the game area
  • A very special dungeon soars right above your headif you can reach it
  • Intuitive Wii controls use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to do everything!


Format Nintendo Wii
Manufacturer Rising Star Games
Release Date 1 Apr 2010
Age Rating Age 12+
Genre Action/Adventure
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