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TRON: DS casts the player in the story as an up-and-coming TRON entity. TRON: Evolution DS features an adventure mode where players battle in arenas while uncovering a conspiracy to rig the Grid Games. In addition, the game features a Grid Games Championship where players compete in arena matches or in races. Grid games feature local multiplayer with iconic TRON vehicles, such as light cycles and light tanks in competitive and cooperative modes, including capture the flag and last man standing.

TRON: Evolution Multiplayer Fact Sheet

  • The TRON: Evolution multiplayer modes feature 10-player online competitive multiplayer with programs battling on game grids based within the franchise.
  • Like the single player experience, players move through environments using free roaming, climbing and vehicles while battling with high mobility combat and discs
  • The game will include four multiplayer maps each allowing four multiplayer modes.
  • On the release date, two more free maps are scheduled to be available as downloadable content by using a code found in the game case.
  • More maps and game content are scheduled to be available as downloadable content after release.
  • Online multiplayer games can include both players and AI bots in the two maps featuring close-quarters combat. Players can choose teams that include players and AI bots or join together on one team to battle a team of AI bots in a co-op set-up.
  • With persistent character progression, players can level up their character either in single-player mode or online multiplayer mode. Their character’s status will carry over to both modes. For example, a player can level up his or her character in single player mode and then take that character with advanced weapons and protection into the online multiplayer combat.
  • In single-player mode, players can choose quickly to be transported into multiplayer arenas. Their single-player game is automatically saved.


Format Nintendo DS
Manufacturer Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
Release Date 26 Nov 2010
Age Rating Age 3+
Genre Action/Adventure
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