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Viva Pinata invites gamers to create an immersive world where living pinatas inhabit an ever-changing environment. Beginning with a few basic tools, players build and take control of this environment, using their creativity and imagination to attract, protect and manage over 60 different pinata species that can visit their world and make it their home. Utilising hundreds of customisable elements, players can create a unique pinata paradise.

Pushing the capabilities of the hardware, Viva Pinata brings a vibrant and engaging gaming experience to the Xbox 360 platform. Appealing to kids, adults, casual gamers and enthusiasts alike, this uniquely customisable and social game rewards and challenges all players regardless of their skill level.

Game Features

  • Lives of Their Own: Discover the secrets of more than 60 different candy-filled pinata animals to see them grow, change, fight, and even dance!
  • Anything Can Happen: Guide a constantly evolving, vibrant world to keep your pinata happy and protect them from dangers threatening to break them open.
  • Personalised World: Customise your world and your pinata animals to reflect your style and create a pet paradise unlike any other.
  • Online Experience: Enjoy both friendships and rivalries in a worldwide community of Viva Pinata players.


Format Xbox 360
Manufacturer Microsoft
Release Date 30 Aug 2008
Age Rating Age 3+
Genre Party/Mini-games
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