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"Who...who am I...?"

Unable to remember even his own name, Adol Christin awakens to find himself in a city called Casnan, on the eastern end of the Ispani. It is here that he meets Duren, an information dealer who claims to have encountered him previously. Evidently, Adol was last seen heading into the Great Forest of Celceta, a massive expanse of woodland filled with such danger that even the mighty Romun Army fears to tread within.

What happened to Adol inside the Great Forest, and how did he lose his memories? The only way to find out is to step back into the foreboding woods and brave its dangers once more. But Adol will need to have his wits about him, or his second trip into the Great Forest may cost him more than just his past...

Game Features

  • Refined Game Mechanics - Ys: Memories of Celceta builds on the party-based gameplay of Ys SEVEN, expanding upon existing elements and adding additional abilities such as the Flash Move, making combat even more enjoyable and varied than ever before.
  • Increased Customisation - The introduction of weapon and armor refining gives players the chance to customize various attributes of the weapons and armor they find during their adventure, allowing them to deal more damage, inflict status effects or even absorb HP from their foes.
  • Stunning Visuals - Built from the ground up for the PlayStation®Vita system, Memories of Celceta tasks players to explore countless beautifully rendered environments, while the massive draw distance allows them to see enemies from far away and plan their strategies accordingly.
  • Day and Night Cycle - A first for the series, the time of day changes dynamically while inside the Great Forest, cycling among morning, noon, dusk and night, with certain elements only available at certain times.
  • Explore Massive Open Environments - Explore the vast, uncharted wilds of the Great Forest, fraught with dangerous foes, some of which may be far too powerful for players to handle at first. Open shortcuts along the way to lessen travel time across this enormous overworld (the largest and most expansive in series history), or warp between monuments to revisit old locations and discover new surprises.
  • Part Sequel, Part Remake? - With three prior versions of Ys IV developed by third-party companies, Ys: Memories of Celceta represents creator Nihon Falcom's first in-house take on this classic story. Part remake and part sequel, this retelling of and expansion upon the events of Ys IV is designed with both newcomers and long-time series fans in mind.
  • Recover Adol's Memories - Inspecting mysterious orbs of light scattered throughout the Great Forest allows Adol to regain his lost memories, piecing together the game’s storyline and even providing players with a glimpse into Adol's childhood.


Format PlayStation Vita
Manufacturer NIS America
Release Date 21 Feb 2014
Age Rating Age 12+
Genre Role Playing
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