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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Switch)

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Nintendo Switch
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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is finally coming to Nintendo Switch, and it's better than ever. Play levels from Super Mario Odyssey, track treasure down in New Donk City. Play with a friend too with added 2 player controls.

After a hugely successful reception from Wii U gamers, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker has made its way to the innovative Nintendo Switch. With the ability to play with friends or family members by sharing a pair of Joy-Con controllers, Nintendo has adapted this lovable game so that you can play anywhere at anytime with the versatile, hands-on Switch console. 

Captain Toad and Toadette are out treasure hunting, climbing up a huge tower to claim the sought-after Power Star. A large crow, Wingo, who is a lover of all things shiny, steals the magnificent Power Star, ultimately taking Toadette along with him as she clings to her muchloved trophy. 
With double the reason to chase Wingo, Captain Toad quests to find the evil crow’s retreat, where they fight over Toadette and the magical star. You must guide Captain Toad as he saves Toadette and they begin to quest and treasure-hunt together once again. Venture through levels to defeat your enemies and ultimately defeat Wingo once and for all. 

For fans of Super Mario 3D Land, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker boasts free-roaming gameplay with controllable characters who explore through lively and vivid environments to earn stars and discover hidden secrets.  

Play as Captain Toad or Toadette as you navigate your way through challenges to collect health-restoring mushrooms, obtain golden coins and gather turnips to throw at your enemies. This specially revamped Nintendo title boasts a new level based on Super Mario Odyssey, that can only be found on the Nintendo Switch console version. 

Developed and published by Nintendo, Nintendo EAD Tokyo and 1-UP Studio, Captain Toad is definitely a beautiful-looking game with colourful settings and vibrant characters. With the inclusion of new miniature courses, have double the fun whilst playing your Nintendo Switch. One player can control Captain Toad while the other player assists in blocking flying turnips and attacking the enemy. This action-adventure title offers aesthetically-pleasing graphics with exciting yet light-hearted gameplay that will keep you hooked for hours.

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Platform Nintendo Switch
Barcode 045496422356
Publisher Nintendo
Brand Mario Summer
Release Date 13 Jul 2018
Age Rating Age 3+
Genre Platform
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