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Viva Pinata (PC)

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Windows PC
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Viva Piata is a wacky, zany, and anything-can-happen comedy series that answers the question, for the first time ever, where do Piatas come from? In a lush environment on Piata Island, a multitude of happy, colorful Piatas live the sweet life, frolicking, dancing and filling themselves up with the most delicious goodies a child could ever want! Then they eagerly await the glorious day when they are 'chosen' by the Piata Factory to attend birthday parties, and special celebrations all over the world, bringing joy, treats and tons o' fun to kids of all ages. It's no wonder that wherever the Piatas go, they're the life of the party.

Viva Piata is a window to a fantastical world full of wild-roaming Piata. Players choose from hundreds of elements to customise their world in order to attract piatas, foster good relationships among the 60+ piata, and navigate the conflicts and dangers that threaten to break them open.

  • Interact with the Piatas: Getting to know and understand the personalities and requirements of your piatas is essential if you want them to stay happy and thrive.
  • Make your world their ideal paradise, and they'll want to raise a family and expand your community.
  • Interact with the Characters: Decide how much help you want from the local guides, shopkeepers, and work force. Go it alone or get them involved-you choose.
  • Watch them Grow: Discover the secrets of more than 60 different candy-filled piata animals to see them grow, change, fight, and even dance!
  • Anything can Happen: Guide a constantly evolving, vibrant world to keep your piata happy and protect them from dangers threatening to break them open.
  • Tend your Garden: It's not just new piata species that are drawn to your world-untamed sour piata with bad attitudes and troublemaking ruffians do their worst to spoil your creation and must be dealt with.
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Platform Windows PC
Publisher Microsoft
Age Rating Age 3+
Genre Activity
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