COVID-19 UPDATE: There may be a few delays for your order to be shipped, but our warehouse team are working hard with strict guidance in place to ensure your order is delivered as soon as possible.  Thank you for your patience.

Is My Order Lost?

Occasionally items can take longer to arrive than expected and on rare occasions get lost in the postal system. Please follow the steps below to find out whether it is delayed or lost.


Orders for items that are in stock are usually dispatched within 24 hours. You should check the current status of your order to see when or if your item has been dispatched. You can view the status of your order by clicking here.

Your item may not have been dispatched for the following reasons:

  • It is a Pre-Order for an item that is not yet available - If you have ordered an item in advance of its release date then we will send the item to you as soon as it is available.

  • Item on order - When ordering an item please note that some items may be marked as 'usually dispatched within 2-3 days' or 'usually dispatched within 5-7 days'. Please note these are estimated times for delivery to us from our supplier. Once we have received these items from our supplier we will update the status of your order and dispatch your items.

  • Payment declined - If we have any problems processing your payment we will email you to let you know. You can check your payment details and update under your account which you can access by clicking here. If your payment is declined you will receive an email suggesting ways to resolve the issue. If you experience difficulties you may want to try one of our alternate payment methods - Credit Card or PayPal.

  • Item temporarily unavailable - If an item goes out of stock then we will replenish our stock and send them the item to you as a priority as soon as the new stock arrives. Your credit card will not be charged until we have the item in stock and are about to send it to you.


Your order is with the Royal Mail who state that 93.3% of their First Class mail arrives the next day, but if yours doesn't Royal Mail has the following advice:

  • Is it less than 4 working days since your mail should have arrived?

    If so, hold tight, it's probably on its way but may have been held up by an incomplete address, no Postcode, or unusual circumstances.

  • Is it 4 to 9 days since your mail should have been delivered?

    If so, Royal Mail classes your item as officially delayed and they recommend that you should:

    • Check with your neighbours to see if a parcel has been left with them
    • Check any outhouses you might have where mail may be left if it cannot fit through your letterbox
    • Contact your local sorting office to see if the item has been returned to the depot as undelivered and awaiting collection.
  • Have 10 days past since you item was posted to you?

    Royal Mail will now class your item as lost and we will either send you a replacement or give you a refund.


Once you have checked the previous steps and your order has been classed as lost, please contact us stating your order number and confirming that you have not received the item. We will either send you a replacement or give you a refund and pursue the issue with Royal Mail using your email/letter as evidence.