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To make it as easy and as secure as possible to buy from us, we offer the following methods of payment:

Visa MasterCard Maestro American Express PayPal


We understand that not paying for your pre-order too far in advance is important. For this reason, we will attempt to take payment for pre-orders 1-3 days before the official release date once we have the items in stock and ready to ship, so you're not paying anything earlier than necessary.

However, orders placed with Credit/Debit Card that are for items that are released more than 90 days from the date purchased will need to be charged in advance. We will email you a few days before so you can ensure you have sufficient funds available in advance.

Payment for orders placed using PayPal will be captured when we dispatch your items, unless your order was placed more than 28 days before the official release date. In this case, your payment will be captured within 28 days of your order being placed. Please ensure you have sufficient funds available in your PayPal account at this time.


The most likely answer to this is you have not but we'll try and explain the process here so you can check your account. If after reading this you still think there are two charges please contact us and we'll be happy to double check for you. Whether you paid by credit card or via PayPal the process is largely the same apart from an extra complication in PayPal that we'll come to later!

When you place an order with us we perform an authorisation against your payment method. This is just a check that the payment details are good and that we have permission to take the money from you. Then when we come to dispatch your order (which is usually within 24 hours) we will capture the payment. This is the point that the money is taken from your account (the payment could still be declined if the card has been reported as lost/stolen since the order was placed or that there are now insufficient funds available). As this process is normally completed in a short time period it's quite straightforward. However, particularly if you place a pre-order or an order over the weekend, it can sometimes look like two transactions if you're checking your PayPal or bank account. It really depends on your bank but some will show both transactions in your banking app or even show the funds as unavailable once the initial authorisation has been made. So, even though the amount may appear twice making it look like a duplicate rest assured we will only have taken one amount. We cannot withdraw more money than you have authorised us to take.

And back to PayPal. What can happen in the case of a delayed dispatch is that the amount is reserved in your account immediately when the order is taken. PayPal can keep this reservation in place for 3 days. So, for example, in the case of an order placed late on a Friday night that is processed on a Monday morning. We capture the payment on the same day that the reservation expires. These two events can overlap and so it can appear a little confusing in your PayPal account. PayPal can probably explain the intricacies of their system better than us so feel free to contact them with any queries you may have but we're always here for help too if you need us.


Unfortunately we have no way of changing a payment method on an existing order. The order would need to be cancelled and a new order placed with the change of payment method.


We want your online shopping to be worry-free, so all of the checkout process is encrypted using the latest standards. We use trusted payment gateways to process your credit card or PayPal payment. We do not store your credit card information on our servers apart from the last 4 digits and expiry date so you can identify which card you used to place an order.

We implement Daily Malware Scanning via Web Inspector. This service checks our website to make sure no known viruses or malware have been injected. This prevents hackers from distributing malicious content to our customers and website visitors.

SecurityMetrics Credit Card SafeTo meet the requirements (PCI Data Security Standards) to accept payments via credit cards our servers are also tested quarterly to ensure standards are maintained. This is carried out by a company called SecurityMetrics. Further information can be found on the SecurityMetrics website.

Payments made to us may appear on your card statements as: Curveball Leisure. This is the name of our parent company.