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Disciples III: Renaissance (PC)

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Windows PC
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In Disciples III's mystical land of Nevendaar, three factions face off against one another for control of the world -- The Empire, The Legions of the Damned and the Elves. Each faction is fighting for a specific cause, be it complete domination of Nevendaar, or simply maintaining the balance between good and evil. In this Factions overview, we look at The Empire, a devout race of human warriors.

The Empire The creator of Nevendaar, the angel Bethrezen, gave birth to man. To him, they were the pinnacle of all his work and with their appearance in Nevendaar the creation of the world was finally complete. Bethrezen gifted his children with the divine boon, the freedom of will, and it is this gift that made them the most independent, but also the most unpredictable race in Nevendaar.

This race is a perfect reflection of its creator's personality: the improbable and incomprehensible combination of the true light that once shone in Bethrezen's soul, and eternal darkness which now possesses the Fallen. That is why people are so different – you can never tell whether a man standing before you is the noblest of mortals, or is lower than a snake and will kill you for a copper as soon as you turn your back on him. These days, men worship the Celestial Father and consider their former creator Bethrezen their worst enemy. They have always been a very religious race – and the duality of their nature is also well seen in their zeal. True faith is the power that guides the hands of the Empire's greatest warriors, holy knights and protectors of the faith, it helps the clerics to heal wounds and even push away death itself. And yet the same faith gives birth to fanatics, who are often more fearful to their own people than their enemies.

Men are the most disciplined race of Nevendaar, and they have produced many brilliant warriors and warlords and they are second to none when it comes to healing and blessing those fighting at their side for the glory of the Empire. Game Features

  • Three playable races Human Empire, The Elven Alliance and the Legions of Damned
  • Over 160 unit models and more than 450 weapons, armour, and artefacts
  • A new upgrade system allows the player to assign attributes to their leader units
  • Visual representation of characters equipped armour, weapons and artefacts
  • An innovative tactical turn-based combat system
  • Define the way units will advance by building the corresponding structures in your town
  • Play through the three huge campaigns in story mode. There is one for each race building to an epic finale
  • Conquer and hold new territories to obtain resources and gain tactical advantages
  • Stunning, immersive 3D world, with highly detailed environments
  • Enhanced design for the combat and magic system
  • Advanced character development: 9 variants and 5 tiers of development for each unit

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Platform Windows PC
Publisher Kalypso
Release Date 25 Jun 2010
Age Rating Unspecified
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